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the choice in your voice
speaker's summit

Meet me for Muffins & Mingling

8:30am sharp on Thursday July 25th.
Come in a funny onesie or a uniform if you like 😉

Royal Canadian Legion 560, 734 Montreal Street
Kingston Ontario

Reliable Optimist Speaking Strategies

Professor Talks a Lot will deliver the secrets to building a Reliable Optimist Reputation on 5 Brave Stages. The show is perfect for leaders and spokespeople in the STEM and Uniformed professions but built for everyone.

Thursday July 25th at 9am
How Trauma Speaks

Real talk & a Q&A about Audience Advocacy in the recovery storytelling sector. Learn compelling and compassionate best practices. Meet Professor Talks a Lot, Lucia Harper, for a trauma-informed discussion about avoiding audience freak out.

Friday June 21st at 10:30am

communities in action 🎤

Please bring a bag with clean clothes for women and veterans in need.
Lucia will personally make sure they are put to good use with our event partners. #VOLUNTEER

community PARTNERS


Dress for Success empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. They understand the complexities of the transition and operate inclusively.


When you purchase a ticket to our Summit you will recieve a link to pay for and schedule your headshot session on the day (july 25). Slots are limited.
Big shout out to Ken Wand for helping people put their best foot forward as speakers.

Get involved

VFP removes the unknown and uncertainty for medically releasing members, veterans and their families. VPF offers national and local programs, workshops, events, resources and information. This innovative service helps veterans and their families to navigate the process of leaving the CAF to enter civilian life.

Experiential learning & lifestyle tools for frequent speakers who want to Talk More Gooder😉

Join us at Brave Stages Studio, where we have fun turning mic fright into bravery, and anxiety into self assurance. Discover the confident speaker lifestyle while you develop a comfortable raport on the mic. No speaker is too quirky for Brave Stages.

Glowing Testimonials

Satisfied Experiential Customers

Lucia has worked in private and public sector strategic  communications since the dinosaurs roamed. She takes people from awkward to excellent.

To bring Lucia's keynote "The Choice in Your Voice" to your event book a chat now.

Become a $ought after Reliable Optimist speaker. Expand your exponential potential success.
Be powerful, enjoyable and memorable.

Professionals are called upon to represent the purpose on so many platforms in real life and online. We are ready to train you in  unforgettable excellence for all your speaking requirements.

Our Media Training prepares spokespeople to field questions with agility.

Update the stakeholders. Handle crisis managment with care. Make that perfect pitch. Enjoy panel participation. Be the best guest on a podcast.

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