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Gamified Mastery of Confident Public Speaking

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Experiential learning & lifestyle tools for frequent speakers

Join us at Brave Stages Studio, where we have fun turning mic fright into bravery, and anxiety into self assurance. Discover the confident speaker lifestyle while you develop a comfortable  style on the mic.

Have fun building your exponential potential speaking career

I built the Brave Stages Inc. community to deliver a creative path to effective, and enthusiastic confidence. Our  unique, integrative and neuroinclusive approach makes our programs stand out. I’m here to support you from the first nervous practice session to the moment you step onto the stage with comfort and confidence.

Upcoming Events
Muffins and a Masterclass
in Kingston, ON 🤓

Glowing Testimonials

Satisfied Experiential Customers

Lucia has worked in private and public sector strategic  communications since the dinosaurs roamed. She takes people from awkward to excellent.

Be powerful, enjoyable and memorable.
Become a Reliable Optimist speaker.

Professionals are called upon to represent the purpose on so many platforms in real life and online. We are ready to train for excellence for all your speaking requirements. Our Rational Performance Design labs expand your message repertoire.

Our Media Training prepares spokespeople to field questions with agility.

Update the stakeholders. Handle crisis managment with care. Make your marketing videos count. Make that perfect pitch.

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