Brave Stages Rehearsal Studio



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Talk More Gooder Systems are mind, body, and voice Skill Drills and refreshers for new and experienced speakers. 

Rocket Results Rehearsals are for working on the material you want to deliver specifically. It's applying the TMG skills with emotions and blocking 

Use this link to schedule a quick discovery meeting.  "30 min chat" with Lucia. Let's find out if there's a good fit.

It depends on how you learn best. Some prefer a more recognizable format and some want the funzies. Either way you're learning by doing.

I hate to say "it depends" but it does. Some are workshopping new material and some are preparing for a specific event.

We offer a variety of packages to suit you. Professionals often take the two BS programs and then enter maintenance mode to keep things fresh.

We recommend a maximum of 2 hours per session so you enjoy the work and remember your improvements.

For those who are preparing for an upcoming event, they often book half or full days with Lucia. This is outside of the Talk More Gooder and Rocket Results Rehearsal lessons. 

When people ask me this I tell them to go ask the Academy Award winners 🤓

We rehearse because we care about the audience's experience. There is no audience too small for precision polish. They're worth the effort. And once you get the hang of it it's really quite fun.


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