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Gamified Training Options

Achieve Your Exponential Potential with Gamified Training for Leaders and Spokespeople

Public speaking can be tough, so we’ve made it fun for those who are brave enough to be playful while they learn. At Brave Stages Studio Inc, we turn your fear into fun with our unique gamified training techniques. Our innovative approach makes mastering public speaking enjoyable and effective.

We believe in the value of enjoying yourself while you develop and refresh your skills.

Why Gamified Training

Studies show that 67% of students prefer gamified learning over traditional courses, and those exposed to challenge-based gamification improved their performance by up to 89.45%. 

Gamified training transforms learning into an interactive adventure. Earn points, badges, and rewards as you progress through the Rational Performance Design landscape. It’s more than a course load it’s a lifestyle. You can even earn points for attending events. Here’s why it works:

  • Personalized Experiential Training: When training is and crafted for you comfort and fun lead to success.
  • Boosted Confidence: The choice of gamification or traditional experience builds your confidence with every step.
  • Improved Memory Retention: Repeatedly combining the fun physical with the intellectual improves topic agility and commits your material to memory.
  • Sustainable Motivation: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) track your progress from established goals keeps you engaged, motivated and eager to improve.

Unleash in Your Niche with BS Rational Performance Design Systems

RATIONAL PERFORMANCE DESIGN is UX for your audience. This is our systematic approach to experimentation blended with proven theatrical techniques.

In a post Covid market only differentiation and drive will launch you into the future of the STEM and Uniformed professions. At Brave Stages Rehearsal Studio we know that BRILLIANCE DOESN’T COME IN BEIGE. We are your kickass reliable support system. 


Why Gamified Training is for Professionals with ADHD

Quirky and prone to overwhelm is our jam.

Do you find yourself easily distracted during presentations? Do you struggle to stay focused while rehearsing your speeches? You’re not alone.

Many professionals with ADHD face challenges when it comes to public speaking and media relations. Fear not! because our BS gamified options are as fun as they are effective.

We work with your challenges to ensure that you feel comfortable being 100% your self. Our Audience Advocacy Lab helps you trust that the audience wants you to succeed.


Highly Motivating

Gamified training is a game-changing approach that is proven to enhance goal-oriented performance and minimize distractions, making those tedious lectures a thing of the past. This method focuses on immersive sessions that motivate participants to tackle challenges head-on and push beyond their limits. Prioritizing efficient management of stimuli, gamified training maximizes learning and performance outcomes. With this approach, individuals can unleash their full potential and achieve exceptional levels of success in their careers.

Enhanced Memory Retention

Our highly effective techniques help you retain key speaking content, techniques, and strategies in a fun and engaging way. We use the proven power of repetition, movement, feedback, and encouragement. Our scientific Rational Performance Design System makes it easy for you to master the skills you need to succeed. You'll find that you are recalling and applying these skills with ease during your presentations. This is the comfort and confidence path to your success. With its focus on comfort our gamification is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills.

Increased Confidence

We embrace your unique personality. (Our founder is a bit quirky herself) This gamified speaker training program can be tailored to your strengths and preferences. You'll feel more self-assured and prepared to tackle your speaking goals to advance your career.

Greater Skill Mastery

We work WITH your unique challenges not against them. The BS gamified options provide continuous practice and feedback loops, Gamified training allows you to master essential speaking skills such as articulation, pacing, and body language. You'll become a more polished and polished communicator, capable of delivering impactful presentations with finesse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lucia wants you to be sure of our training systems and results.  Please feel free to contact us if you don’t get your questions answered below.

Talk More Gooder Systems are mind, body, and voice Skill Drills and refreshers for new and experienced speakers. 

Rocket Results Rehearsals are for working on the material you want to deliver specifically. It's applying the TMG skills with emotions and blocking 

Use this link to schedule a quick discovery meeting.  "30 min chat" with Lucia. Let's find out if there's a good fit.

It depends on how you learn best. Some prefer a more recognizable format and some want the funzies. Either way you're learning by doing.

I hate to say "it depends" but it does. Some are workshopping new material and some are preparing for a specific event.

We offer a variety of packages to suit you. Professionals often take the two BS programs and then enter maintenance mode to keep things fresh.

We recommend a maximum of 2 hours per session so you enjoy the work and remember your improvements.

For those who are preparing for an upcoming event, they often book half or full days with Lucia. This is outside of the Talk More Gooder and Rocket Results Rehearsal lessons. 

When people ask me this I tell them to go ask the Academy Award winners 🤓

We rehearse because we care about the audience's experience. There is no audience too small for precision polish. They're worth the effort. And once you get the hang of it it's really quite fun.


Our Testimonials

Satisfied Experiential Customers

Lucia has use her trademark Rational Performance Design System in private and public sector strategic  communications since the dinosaurs roamed. She will take you from awkward to excellent.

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