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Reliable Optimism is the only choice in YOUR voice at Brave Stages Inc.

We have 3 clear priorities for you with Intelligent Performance Design.

1.  Your speaking repertoire will serve you in all professional and personal settings.

2.  Your skill and content maintenance lifestyle is enjoyable and sustainable.

3.  Your ethics and audience advocacy are clear and present to advance your message and career. We are in the reputation management business.

Our founder Lucia Harper supports the bravery in your preparation and content. We’ve developed a backstage Speaker Eco strategy that you can take with you from mic to mic. This is the business of influence.

This intelligence is not artificial

Rational Performance Design

Our intense preparation system ensures that you have creativity, stamina and enthusiasm for your material. Our system works for new or frequent speakers.

Our theatrical and media relations expertise guides you to a fresh and culturally competent delivery. We are ADHD and introvert friendly.

Glowing Testimonials

Satisfied Experiential Customers

We encourage you to adopt our Audience Advocacy mindset when working with Brave Stages Inc. The audience economy depends on a service mindset.

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